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Denture Reline

Denture reline is when the inner surface of a denture is resurfaced to improve its fit and comfort. Reline is recommended every 2-3 years. Most insurances cover this procedure once every 2 years. The two main types of denture relines are hard relines and soft relines:

  1. Hard Reline: In a hard reline, the denture material is replaced with a more rigid or hard material. This is done when the denture has become loose or doesn't fit well due to changes in the shape of the gums or jawbone. Over time, natural changes in the oral tissues can occur, causing the denture to become ill-fitting. Hard relines help restore the fit and stability of the denture.

  2. Soft Reline: A soft reline involves adding a pliable, cushion-like material to the inside of the denture. This is often recommended when the gums are particularly sensitive or lack of bone ridge especially on lower jaw, making the denture more comfortable to wear.

Regular check-ups with a denturist are recommended to monitor the fit of your dentures and determine when a reline is necessary to maintain oral health and functionality.

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